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  • What is a credit union?

    A credit union is a member-owned, not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution. For similarities and difference between credit unions and banks click here.
  • Am I eligible for membership?

    Please see our membership eligibility section
  • What is my member number?

    Member numbers can be found at the the top of your monthly statement. If you do not have a statement available, stop by one of our branches to obtain your member number. Alternately, we can mail it to the address that is in our system. Note: For security reasons, we do not give out member numbers over the phone.
  • What are your hours?

    Please visit the branch locations page.
  • What is your routing/transit number?

    Our Routing/ABA/Transit Number is 231278274.
  • What transaction types are limited by Regulation D?

    Regulation D impacts the number of transfers and withdrawals allowed from Club Savings, Money Market Savings & IRA Accounts.

    Certain transactions on these accounts include:
    • Voice Banking transfers/withdrawals
    • Mobile Banking transfers/withdrawals
    • Overdraft Protection transfers
    • Transfers/withdrawals done over the phone with a Member Service Representative
    • ACH or direct debit withdrawals
    After the 6th transaction, further transactions may be returned, reversed, refused or assessed a fee.

    Note: This Regulation does not affect Primary and Secondary Savings Accounts. For further details, please contact Member Care.


  • I can't remember my PIN for online banking. What do I do?

    If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it here. You will need to know the answer to all five of your security questions to do this. Alternately, you may either visit a branch or request to have it mailed to the address we have in our system for you. Note: For security reasons, we do not give out PINs over the phone.
  • I can’t remember the answer to my security question? What do I do?

    Simply start the process again and you will be asked a different question. If you do not remember the answer to any of your questions, you can request a bypass code to be e-mailed to the address we have on file for your account on the 2nd page of User Login. This will allow you to bypass this step one-time only. Once you are logged in, you can update your security questions under Other Options.

    Please note: Your answers are case sensitive
  • Is Online Banking secure?

    Yes, ABCO FCU utilizes the latest data encryption technology to ensure the protection of member information.
  • If I use the transfer funds option to transfer funds to another ABCO FCU account, how long will it take for those funds to transfer?

    The funds will be transferred immediately.
  • Can I transfer funds to/from an external account?

    Yes. In Online Banking go to "Transfer" --> "External Transfer". There is no fee to bring funds into the credit union or to send funds from the credit union to another financial institution. Funds take between 3 and 5 days to transfer.
  • What is the Telephone Banking phone number?

    The number is 800-808-2226.
  • Is my payment made through Online Bill Payer guaranteed?

    Yes. If a properly scheduled payment is not received and posted on time by the payee, we will attempt to have any late fees or assessed finance charges removed. If the payee is unwilling or unable to remove them, we will pay the fees and finance charges directly to the payee.
  • Why do I get security questions I didn't establish when I try to access my account online?

    For security purpose, random questions will be asked when incorrect information has been entered during an attempt to gain access to the account.

Credit & Debit Cards

  • My debit card is expiring. Will I get a new one?

    All debit/credit charge replacements are automatically issued. The card is good up until the last day of the expiring month.
  • What is the phone number to activate my debit card?

    To activate your debit card, please call 866-985-2273.
  • What should I do about a charge I think is fraudulent on my ATM/VISA® check card?

    Please contact the merchant first when possible to try and obtain a resolution. If you are unsuccessful at obtaining a resolution, please contact Member Care at 800-225-1859.
  • I want an extra ATM/VISA® check card for my joint owner. How can I obtain one?

    The joint owner needs to complete an application for the ATM card. An additional card can be supplied for a joint owner only.
  • When is my VISA® payment due?

    VISA® payments are due on the first of each month. You can view details on your VISA® account and make payments by signing up for online banking.
  • Why did I get a finance charge when I paid my VISA® bill on time?

    When balances are not paid in full each month, a finance charge will accrue.
  • I just made a VISA® payment in online banking - why isn't it reflected in my available balance?

    Transfers to VISA® card accounts, after hours of operation, are delayed until the next business day.


  • I applied for a loan online – when will I receive notification of whether or not I’ve been approved?

    If you've been approved, the Lending department will contact you within one (1) business day. If you have not been been approved, you will receive a letter within (5) business days indicating the reason(s) for denial.
  • When I open an account, how long do I have to wait before applying for a loan?

    There’s no waiting period. You’re eligible for our services as soon as you open your account.
  • Why are you still taking money from my payroll and my loan is paid off?

    Your employer continues to send your funds until they receive another payroll form indicating that you’d like to adjust your services. The funds are in your account and they are available.
  • When is my car loan payment due?

    Car loans are due on the 15th of each month. You can find details and make a payment on your car loan by signing up for online banking.

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